Founded by Dr. İsmail Koçak MD, MEng., DrVoice Clinic functions as a research and development centre and offers services to those who experience ear, nose, throat and voice disorders with twenty years of expertise.

DrVoice Clinic, equipped with gold standard instruments that monitor the vibration of the vocal folds and vocal organs, offers diagnosis and treatment services and significantly contributes to world literature in the concept of voice aesthetic surgery and professional voice.

Dr. Koçak performs voice aesthetics since 1998 and applies custom techniques in his surgeries that aim for the darkening, lowering, feminising, change of timbre and range, thickening and softening of the voice.

Equipped with mobile instruments to which only a few centres around the world have access, DrVoice Clinic’s highly specialised team offers 'Coaching' and 'Backstage' services to professional voice artists. They also support voice professionals with their unique "Fit The Voice" techniques and prepare the performers with "Body & Voice Warm Up" methods in Eurovision Song Contest and many other international organisations, aiming for a perfect performance.